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Finally we are back to getting our guest ales list through monthly so we can notify you of the selection we will have available each month in one go rather than annoying you with constant updates, so here goes for July.

Rudgate brewery Jorvik Blonde 3.8% abv  A flaxen blonde ale with a balanced hoppy bitterness and crisp finish.

Brew Dog brewery Alpha Dog 4.55 abv A rock and roll medley of Summer fruit and pine gives way to hints of roasted malt and a heady hoppiness, but with very low bitterness.

Exmoor brewery  Silver stallion 4.35 abv A beer with a crisp and complex taste, malty with citrus and spice overtones, using four English hops and a blend of pale and chocolate malts- a true thoroughbred.

Skipton brewery Golden pippin 3.9% abv A light refreshing blonde ale brewed using a new variety of hop creating a citrus fruit flavour.

We have chosen a variety of lighter summer ales in the hope that summer will return and we will be blessed with warm summer evenings for you to come out and enjoy a few refreshing ales . We are also working on a new selection of bottled ciders more details to follow soon.

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